I hope you are all well and keeping safe?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

You might be wondering what has been going on at Athelhampton since our last post.

Our team at Athelhampton had been busy and working hard getting ready for the season, with exciting new features to show all our friends and visitors.

We had filled the events diary with some great outdoor theatre and music for you to enjoy, but some of that won't go ahead now, but we will re-schedule for 2021. Like many businesses we are maintaining a very small team here at Athelhampton and many of our colleagues are on furloughed leave, it is very quiet here without them and the hundreds of visitors we usually welcome at this time of year. One of our biggest worries is keeping up with the growth in the gardens, we have put some projects on hold for now so that our temporarily reduced team can keep ahead, but one of the projects we did complete recently was a replanting scheme in the Lion's Mouth garden, which is looking stunning. Stay safe everyone!

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