Hardy at Athelhampton

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

At Athelhampton the forced peacefulness is a reminder that just a few months ago Athelhampton was far from quiet as work started on one of our major projects.

As part of our plans for the visitor experience for 2020 onwards, we were delighted to be joined by many talented local actors from The New Hardy Players, Two professional narrators and Three film crews with their amazing production team from Chocolate Films.

After a few days of fine weather and some late nights, the project was complete, and our new friends dispersed. Builders, decorators and electricians busied away until a few weeks ago, but with Athelhampton closed, we are unable to share this amazing piece of work with you for a while.

As part of one of our new historic media experiences, I wanted to share this tiny little clip from 'Thomas Hardy at Athelhampton' with you. I hope you enjoy it. Keep safe..

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