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Anne of Athelhampton and the Riddle of the Apes, is the debut novel by Athelhampton's owner Giles Keating.


Released 30th October 2021.


Why has Anne been given a pet ape, Endy, as a twelfth birthday gift from her grasping cousin Young John? Can he solve the riddle before Anne, and use it to accuse their grandmother, the Lady Elizabeth, of witchcraft and of harbouring a priest?


Helped by Endy and her friends Lizzie and Robert, Anne searches the passageways and walls of her family home, Athelhampton, to reveal their secrets and solve the riddle. 


Only to discover that she herself is Young John's target, and that her struggle against him will lead her into mortal danger......


About the Author
Giles bought Athelhampton House in Dorset in 2019, and the inspiration for Anne of Athelhampton and the Riddle of the Apes came from his research on the extraordinary history of the house and its occupants.

Anne of Athelhampton and the Riddle of the Apes

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