Eerily quiet

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What should have been one of our busiest days of the year was eerily quiet at Athelhampton. A great shame for many mothers to miss out seeing their loved ones today.

Even the National Trust decided to close their outside spaces today, which confirmed to me that our decision not to open was the right one to take.

I was reminded of this tiny video clip, which I thought I would post, It was the end credit of the Culture Show, an episode all about Heritage, and for a few fleeting moments, Athelhampton is there.

You might have to watch it a few times.. It is just 8 seconds long.. starts with Stonehenge, then a Mathews Coach and 2 boys exiting, and then its Athelhampton's turn.. ladies in hats by a coach in our carpark, then through the door in the wooden gate and walk down the drive. From the few features we can see, its the mid 1960's, I wonder does any one recognise a mum or a nan?

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